With the powerful packaging systems from ThermoSecure you meet all directives and regulations.

You can rely on that!

Safety through tested Quality

Safety through tested Quality

High demands are placed on the packaging system when transporting temperature-sensitive products. The quality of the transported goods must be ensured, directives and regulations met. A whole range of different packaging solutions are offered on the market for these requirements. This often makes it difficult for you, the customer, to assess and evaluate the performance capacity of the individual products.
That is why we have had our equipment and folding boxes tested, validated and certified. Because we want to prove the quality of our products and show that they meet their tasks.

Validated and certified
by the Fraunhofer Institute

Our transport boxes have been validated by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute (Institute for material flow and logistics). This makes ThermoSecure the only provider who can offer you systems with a neutral validation.
The TB3 is also certified according to UN-6.2 and IATA. All equipment is CE-conform and tested for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). You will also find solutions which meet the stringent HACCP hygiene standard. Please check out the corresponding notes in the product descriptions.

For you: Example validation and
individual temperature curves

All products can be qualified for your transport runs on request. You can then provide "SOP” compatible proof for the supervisory authority.

Documented (legal) safety and quality management through integrated monitoring/data logger

You would like to be able to control and evidence the transport conditions during your daily work?
We offer systems with integrated
FDA-conform data logger. The here recorded data are optionally transferred by serial data cable to your PC or are read out immediately via the optionally integrated thermo printer. With this you have the choice of a printed receipt.