With the powerful packaging systems from ThermoSecure you meet all directives and regulations.

You can rely on that!

ThermoSecure – Your competent partner

ThermoSecure - Your competent partner

Our experience for your benefit

As operator of a logistics company Dirk Losco was been faced quite early with the challenges when transporting temperature-sensitive medical products. Customers frequently asked him to find secure solutions e.g. for the transport of blood and organs, the cooling of medical products, and for the dispatch of vaccines.

With his practical experience and inventive mindset he developed various packaging systems which have met the most varied demands of transport duration, transport temperature and data documentation.

In the meantime the management of the company was handed over to Jens Mattuschka and Trevor Paul Hanbury.

For every requirement a fitting solution

ThermoSecure medical equipment GmbH, which was founded in 2001, has dedicated its work to providing a range of packaging systems for thermo-sensitive products where you can find a suitable solution for every need.
You will find perfectly insulating disposable and re-usable products on our product pages. Our re-usable transport boxes are available as autonomous systems or with external power supply. If you wish, you can document the transport temperature.

Our range also includes large volume refrigerating and freezing units for flexible installation in/removal from station wagons and delivery vans. You can obtain more information about these articles directly from us. Please send us an email with your address data, you will then receive further information directly by mail or email.

Tested Quality

The performance capacity of our transport systems have been validated by sophisticated tests and external validation by the Fraunhofer Institute IML. They all meet the directives and standards for the dispatch of temperature-sensitive products and are used in a variety of industries – not only in the medical and pharmaceutical areas.
With the powerful packaging systems from ThermoSecure products you meet all directives and regulations.

The validations are exemplary for the product groups. On request we can offer you a validation service related to your processes when you buy our products. More under Quality Assurance

Tailor-made solutions

With the experience from long term development work we can offer you tailor-made solutions and special makes.

We have also planned and successfully executed moves with temperature-sensitive products. Please contact us directly if you have any requirements in this area.