Your advantage:

  • Validated by the IML Fraunhofer Institute
  • CE-conform and tested for electromagnetic compatibility
  • Documented safety through integrated monitoring system
  • Professional, GMP-conform design in accordance with medical hygiene standards
  • The most powerful unit on the market

Mobile Climate Box TC45

Mobile Climate Box TC45
Picture TC45

Tested quality – you can rely on it!

With the ThermoCare series you receive a professional and innovative transport system for your temperature sensitive products. You can adjust the active temperature range in 0.5° steps between +40°C and -33°C.

The integrated data logger ensures control of transport temperature. The data it records are transmitted to you optionally via serial data cable to the PC or read out immediately via the optional integrated thermo-printer.

The solid, welded aluminium casing guarantees a long life. The internal container made of stainless steel guarantees the necessary hygiene, especially in the medical-pharmaceutical application area.

Technical Data

Model TC45
Article number 10045
Active box – auto-regulative climate box
Dimensions – Weights – Volume
External dimensions: L x W x H:
645 x 410 x 455 mm
Internal dimensions: L x W x H:
390 x 320 x 370 mm
Weight, empty: 27 kg
Volume: approx. 42,5 litres
Material outside: aluminium alloy
Material inside: stainless steel
Performance spectrum
Adjustable range: -33°C to + 40°C
Accuracy: Display accurate to 0.5°C.
Temperature deviation max. 0.9°C
Compressor: BD 80 special
Fan forced heating: yes
Power consumption: maximum starting peak approx. 120 Watt
Power consumption: dependent on relation internal/external temperature min. 4 Watt
Current consumption: 63 Watt nominal
at 230 V AC 50 Hz
Refrigerating capacity: 47 Watt at -32°C internal temperature
Refrigerating medium: R 404a
Prozessor control: yes
Power supply: 220/240 V alternating current, 12/24 V direct current; automat. switch-over
Safety: Series: reverse battery protection and overload protection
Insulation: High-tech vacuum
Closure: Butterfly bolt (suitable for lead seal)
Quality control: Production hand-over record
Autonomy: up to 27 hours without power supply
(see validation)
Calibration: yes
Integrated printer: optional
12 V emergency power battery: yes, with automatic charging control
Visual alarm: optional
Validation IML Fraunhofer Institute
Certification CE/Electromagnetic compatibility

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