Your advantage:

  • Also available as re-usable system with plastic container
  • Dividable into two temperature zones
  • Corresponds with packaging order P620

Isoboxx »Vario«

Isoboxx »Vario«
Picture »Vario«

The Isoboxx »Vario« fulfils the packaging order P620/P650*, is a large capacity box and can be separated into two temperature zones. This range is also available as a re-usable system in combination with plastic containers.

Technical Data Isoboxx »Vario«

Benefit/Advantages: 36 hours 2-8ºC,
measured at +25ºC outside temperature
  Multi-chamber system: dividable into two temperature zones
  Exchangeable Neopor inner container (Neopor is the "better” Styrofoam: higher diffusion density, better anti-soiling properties, insulates better)
  Disposable/re-usable solution
  Corresponds with packaging regulation P650
Validation: with temperature curve
External dimensions: 480 x 300 x 250 mm
Useable volume,
approx. 11,3 litres

* with additional use of a corresponding
   primary packaging (not shown)

Available from 150 units up. Prices on request

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